POEMS 1904 Constantine P. Cavafy

POEMS 1904 Constantine P. Cavafy


Translated from the Greek by Paul Merchant


from the Translator's Note: “In December 1904, at the age of 41, the Alexandrian poet Constantine P. Cavafy made a careful choice of fourteen poems written since 1893, and had them privately printed early in 1905, in an edition of 100 copies with the title Poems 1904. A meticulous and severely self-critical writer, it was his practice to write around seventy poems a year and keep only four or five. These he would share with friends or sometimes send out to journals. He also had occasional poems privately printed in one- or two- poem pamphlets for distribution to his friends, whose opinions were the only ones he valued. Among these was E.M. Forster, who wrote an admiring account of him in Pharos and Pharillon, and brought him to the attention of a British readership long before he was widely read in Greece.”


Constantine P. Cavafy was a Greek poet, journalist, and civil servant born in 1863 in Alexandria, Egypt.


Paul Merchant was born in Wales and studied at Cambridge, The Shakespeare Institute, and the University of Athens. After teaching for many years at the University of Warwick, he now lives with his wife Grace in Portland, Oregon. He previously worked as the William Stafford Archivist at Lewis & Clark College's Watzek Library.

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