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 Tavern Books is supported by the generosity of individuals, family foundations, and corporations. When you support the press with a tax-deductible donation, you enable us to continue working with the world’s finest poets and translators, and to advocate for the literary arts on an international scale.

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up to $299

Name recognition in year-end print catalog and on website.

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$300 - $999

Name recognition in year-end print catalog, on website, and on the donor page of one forthcoming title of your choice.

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$1000 - $2499

Name recognition in year-end print catalog, on website, and on the donor page of one forthcoming title of your choice. PLUS, a year-long paperback and chapbook subscription.

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$2500 - $4999

Name recognition in year-end print catalog, on website, and on donor page of all titles published in the 12 months following your donation. PLUS, a year-long paperback, chapbook, and hardcover subscription.

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Name recognition in year-end print catalog, on website, and on donor page of all titles published in the 12 months following your donation. PLUS, a year-long paperback, chapbook, hardcover, and specially bound limited edition subscription.

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Your gift can also be made by sending a check written to “Tavern Books” with the word “Donation” in the memo line.

There are many giving options, and we are happy to help you customize your giving experience.
Please contact us by email ( or phone (503-890-5043) if you would like more details about supporting Tavern Books.

Tavern Books
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For all inquiries on other ways to support, please contact Natalie Garyet at


Become a volunteer or an intern

Our volunteer/internship program is designed to offer full immersion in a working small press! You won't be making us coffee or entering data into spreadsheets all day. You WILL be offered school credit, letters of reference, and lots of free books.


Join our board of directors

The Tavern Books board represents an impressive mix of creative talent and professional experience. We benefit from being surrounded by fierce advocates for the arts, passionate poetry fans, and people who can fill in gaps in organizational expertise! We are always looking to expand our board. Are you a potential fit?


donate your art to a book cover

All of our books are published in beautiful paperback and hardcover editions featuring original cover art. We often solicit and are always accepting submissions from artists.



We are a Tavern, after all...

We hold book releases, program events, translator talks, outreach parties, and board retreats year-round. If you make beer, we'd love to partner with you and offer exposure for your brand.


host an event at your venue

We'd love to bring poetry to your space. If you are interested in hosting one of our book launches, translator talks, workshops, or fundraisers, please feel free to reach out.


make an in-kind donation

Want to help us build bookshelves? Do you have equipment you're looking to loan out? Does your business offer discounted services to non-profits? Have an auction item to donate? We'll probably say yes!




The support of our readers is essential to the growth and success of Tavern Books.
We gratefully acknowledge and offer our humble thanks to the following organizations and individuals for their vision and generosity.




in-kind support provided by



(updated 2017)

Visionaries ($5,000 and over)

Anonymous (2), The Mancini Family

Patrons ($2,500 to $4,999)

Anonymous (3), Daniel Handler, Leah & Bill Stenson, Mark Swartz, Jonathan Wells

Partners ($1,000 to $2,499)

Karen & Dean Garyet, Julie keefe, Marjorie Simon, Dan Wieden, Vince & Patty Wixon, Ron & Kathy Wrolstad

Friends ($300 to $999)

Gabriel Boehmer, Sophie Cabot Black, Chris Faatz & Mary Zartman (in memory of Vern Faatz), Daniel Handler, Janine Joseph, Jay Ponteri, Mary Ann Ryan, Leah Stenson, Donna Swartz, John Witte & Deb Casey

Supporters (up to $299)

Dave Adamshick, Stephanie Adams-Santos, Tom Alaerts, Jannette Alexander, Jeffrey Alfier, Anonymous (in memory of Edwin Dumas), Margot Atwell, Foli Ayivoh, Elfego Baca, Curtis Bauer, Joseph Bednarik, Lauren Begnaud, Jennifer Benka, Rachel Berrington, Brian Biggs, Michelle Bitting, Audrey Block, Andrea Blythe, Dona Bolding (in honor of Rebecca Macmillan Hamilton, PhD), Ed Bolton, Heather Brown (In memoriam of Isabelle Brock), S Browning (In memoriam of Blanche L Browning), Bryan Brumley, Steve Cackley, Marci Cancio-Bello, Celia Carlson, Neil Carmichael, Erin Carver, Patricia Carver, Annie Charters, Natasha Chisdes, Sarah Clark, Nandi Comer, Megan Congdon, Meaghan Corwin, Olivia Croom, Debra McCullough, Nicholas DeLuca, Susan Denning, Janel diBiccari, Dawn Diez Willis, Maureen Doallas, Matthias Dransmann, Alejandro Duarte, Aurélia Dubois, Keith Ekiss, Rob Elder, David Ells (in honor of Martin E. Stein & Scott A. Saxon), Peter Everwine, Finbarr Farragher, Patrick Finney, Patricia Fischer, Gerald Fleming, Kathleen Flenniken, Piotr Florczyk, Erica Funkhouser, Majda Gama, Jerry & Martha Gatchel, Delia Garigan, Scott Garvin, Haley Garyet, Rob Gillie (In honor of Julie Taylor), Sarah Glowa-Kollisch, Albert Goldbarth, Steven Goldman, LeAnn Gorthey, Lindsay Goto, Dr. Natalie Grand, Chelsea Grimmer, Jennifer Grotz, Bruce Gungle & Carolyn Campbell, Sam Haddaway, Quinton Hallett, K. Halley, Kathryn Harbour, Joy Harjo-Sapulpa, Elle Heedles, Mike Hibbert, Tom Hogan, Andrew Hungate, Roderick Ingram (In honor of Dan Hunt), Kim Jacobs-Beck, Erica Jenkins, Brian Jennings, Martha Jessup, Andrei Kelner, Chris Knight, Kami Kuhlmann, Tim Barnes & Ilka Kuznik, Brett Lauer, Melissa lee, Kelly Lenox, Michael Lieberman, Kenette Louis, Maura M. Lynch, Brian Madden (In honor of Elisabeth Reynolds), Ruth Madievsky, Carolyn Martin, Barbara Mason, James Maynard, Brendan McDonald, Jo McDougall, Kayley McMahon & Patrick Christl, Liz Mehl, Tyler Meier, Derek Merrill, Jørgen Mikalsen, Gary Miranda, Danielle Mitchell, Matthew Moisan, Ander Monson, Susan Moore, Jim Moore, Rebecca Moore, Stacey Morin, John Morrison & Kim Thomas, Erik S. & Ann P. Mueller, Rachel Nusz, Justin O'Peters, Alfie Palao, Elsbeth Pancrazi & Jason Baker, John Parks, Rodney Pease, Anne-Marie Perks, Virginia Perry, Eric Pidkameny, Teri Pritchett (in honor of Erica Steib), Amanda Quashie, Hajara Quinn, Spencer Reece, Jennifer Richter, Justin Rigamonti, Carrie Rigdon, Peter Riley, Antonio Ringo, Richard Robbins, Flavía Rocha, David Roderick, Nancy Rommelmanm, Lorenzo Rosa, Wendy Rowe, Lex & Deborah Runciman, JC RUPE, Mary Ann Ryan, Marie Scarles, Maxine Scates, Sue & Wally Schaefer, Willa Schneberg, Evan P. Schneider, Penelope Schott, Claire Shreve, Matthew Siemionko, Leslie Simmons, Boyd Smith, Ileia Smith, Rondi Solivais, Emily Stoddard, Chelsea Stone, Jacob Strom, Jennifer Jones & Mark Swartz, Joanne Lee Shaver, Anita Short (in honor of Tanya X. Short), Ed Skoog, Mary Szybist & Gerald Harp, Ray Thompson, Amanda Townsend, Tasha Turner, Briana Weiss, David Wevill, Isaiah Whisner, Sophie Wiatr, Fran Wilde, Elizabeth Wiley, Vince & Patty Wixon, James T Wood, Daniel Wuenschel, Mike Wulzen, Michael Wynn, Eddy Yue, Stefano Zarelli (in honor of Django D'Ancona Zarelli)