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Interview with Carl Adamshick, Editor and Publisher, and Natalie Garyet, Managing Editor

How did Tavern Books start?

Tavern Books started in 2009 with the idea that books are public events that happen in solitude. We wanted to model the press after a public space and create an open dialog with readers and writers. Our vision was—and still is—to make beautiful, lasting books and offer an old-world subscription series by mailing books directly to readers’ doorsteps.

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Collectible Poetry Books by a Portland Small Press

In case you haven't already been introduced, please allow me to raise the shining vision of the Portland-based small press Tavern Books. I have to be blunt: I'm utterly smitten. It's been a long time since I've run across a list of books that is as diverse as the voices that Tavern celebrates and in which each and every book is, on its very face, a work of art and a labor of love.

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Small Press Points: Tavern Books

A nonprofit poetry press based in Portland, Oregon, Tavern Books exists “to print, promote, and preserve works of literary vision, to foster a climate of cultural preservation, and to disseminate books in a way that benefits the reading public.” Led by founding editor Carl Adamshick and managing editor Natalie Garyet, the press publishes original poetry collections; works in translation; and select reprints through its Living Library series,

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Poetry from Portland Part 2: Tavern Books

Tavern is well aware that books are more than words and pay close attention to the design and printing in an effort to “create books that are exceptionally beautiful and a joy to hold. ” They commission original artwork for every title they publish, and rightly believe that “the dialog between image and text is an essential, meaningful element of a reader’s experience.”

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