ruth madievsky

2015 wrolstad poet

emergency brake (2016)

Originally from Moldova, Ruth Madievsky is a poet, fiction writer, and essayist living in Boston. Her debut poetry collection, Emergency Brake, was published by Tavern Books as their 2015 Wrolstad Contemporary Poetry Series selection. Emergency Brake has spent five months on Small Press Distribution's Poetry Bestsellers List and is one of their top 30 bestselling books in any genre of the last several years. Ruth Madievsky's work has appeared in Tin House, The American Poetry Review, The Kenyon Review, Poem-A-Day, and elsewhere. She was the winner of The American Poetry Review's Stanley Kunitz Memorial Prize, The Iowa Review's Tim McGinnis Award for fiction, and a Tin House scholarship in poetry. She is a member of the Cheburashka Collective, a community of women and nonbinary writers whose identity has been shaped by immigration from the Soviet Union to the United States. When she is not writing, she works as an HIV and oncology pharmacist.

Twitter: @ruthmadievsky